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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

BIBD'S "Toy Story 3" Treat to special needs children

Bandar Seri Begawan - As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) yesterday treated over 130 children from the Child Development Centre, Learning Ladders Society and KACA for the movie screening of 'Toy Story 3' at the Empire Hotel and Country Club's cinema.

Present at the movie outing was Hajah Noraini Haji Sulaiman, BIBD's Chief Financial Officer, Head of Division, senior officers and members of the BIBD CSR committee.

The event was aimed at fostering closer relationship between BIBD and the institutions with the hope of bringing joy to the special children. Hajah Nurul Akmar Haji Mohd Jaafar, the Head of BIBD CSR, said that the movie outing was the first of its kind organised by BIBD. "We want to ensure that these children will have a good time watching the movie.

`Toy Story 3' is not like any other ordinary animated movies that will make the children laugh, but will also touch their hearts. We hope that this movie will teach these children the values of solidarity, loyalty and strong friendship ties," she said. -- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

Monday, June 21, 2010

Maktab Duli REALITY Programme at Learning Ladders

A certificate presentation ceremony was held yesterday by the Learning Ladders Society to thank all the Maktab Duli A level students who have participated in the REALITY Attachment Programme at the centre for the past two weeks.

During their attachment period the students have learned something about autism and how an Applied Behaviour Analysis Counsellor works with Autistic children.  The students were also able to see first hand how the training via video-conference link  operates with Dr Douglas Lee from Canada.  The students have also assisted the staff in the preparation of special educational materials. 

Awang Halimen bin Takong, one of the six attachment students, said that this attachment period had helped him to understand Autism better.  He also observed that the job of an ABA Counsellor requires proper training as the Counsellor needs to know a lot of things in order to deliver the intervention well.

Lastly he also said that this REALITY Attachment Programme has helped him to appreciate how lucky he is and that he now feels more motivated to strive harder to achieve his full potential.

Dr Sharina binti Haji Yunus welcomed the REALITY attachment programme and said that it is a very positive initiative from Maktab Duli and the Government and hopes that there will be many more such programmes in the future.

The REALITY Attachement Programme is in line with the Ministry of Education’s aspirations set in SPN 21, which aims to meet the social and economic challenges of the 21st century by encouraging students to gain 21st century skills. 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thank You So Much TelBru Let's Give Back from Learning Ladders Family

The children of Learning Ladders will sure enjoy their new playroom and toys

The staff of Telbru. Thanks for planting the flowers around the centre.

The ladies who were working on our signboard. Thank you!! Our FIRST signboard :)

ABA Counsellors, MD volunteers, Lil Sarah and Adik.

Do visit us again next time =)

  • Telbru has pledged its support to Learning Ladders Society's dedication in helping students with autism and other developmental disorders by providing financial aid and complimentary e-Speed broadband connectivity at the association's premise.
  • A mock Cheque of $1500 was presented by the General Manager to Our President Dr Sharina. It will be used to buy more educational materials for the children of the society.
  • `Fulfilling' a wish-list by students of the association on education items such as books, board games, toys and sports equipment. 
  • Goody bags were also given to all the children of the society. The kids LOVE it.
  • TelBru staff also painted the students' playroom with vibrant colours to help stimulate a fun and positive learning environment. 
  • Group effort by staff by cleaning the premises including grass-cutting and overall tidying of the premises. Beautifying the premises, green-fingered staff did flower-planting to bring more natural decorative to the students.
Thank You TelBru Let's Give Back Crew from the Learning Ladders Family

Telbru Uplifts Broadband Education At Learning Ladders Society (We are on Page 8 today!!)

Bandar Seri Begawan - Telbru has pledged its support to Learning Ladders Society's dedication in helping students with autism and other developmental disorders by providing financial aid and complimentary e-Speed broadband connectivity at the association's premise.

TelBru's 'Let's Give Back' initiative selected Learning Ladders Society as the charity association for the month of May. A total of 55 staff from TelBru visited Learning Ladders Society premise yesterday in their initiatives to lend a helping hand to the organisation's noble cause in educating parents, carers and the public about autism and other developmental and learning disabilities.

Learning Ladders Society, which was founded in 2007, primarily helps families with children on the autism spectrum to get in touch with qualified and experienced professionals in the field of childhood disorder. The association will provide professional assistance with the diagnosis and help create an individual education plan for the child. More importantly, parents will be given training by the association on how to implement the individual education plan.

The society believes this will help to empower parents in their effort to educate their own children. The event started with a donation presentation to the President of the association, Dr Sharina Hj Yunus by Hjh Ainee Hj Bungsu, General Manager of TelBru Information Technology Division. Besides monetary donation, TelBru announced that it would extend its effort to fully support the association's education initiatives by providing complimentary e-Speed broadband connectivity to the premise.

Lim Ming Soon, General Manager of Product Development, Marketing and Sales Division of TelBru said, "TelBru and its strategic partner of Let's Drive, GHK Motors Sdn Bhd are delighted to extend their hands to Learning Ladders Society, not just in terms of monetary but a sustainable effort to aid the students in their learning.

TelBru will do its best to help the association by reducing their financial burden and also raising awareness on Learning Ladders Society to the public in the perseverance of their cause. Throughout this year, TelBru will help promote the association at our business centres and during roadshows'.

While recognising monetary support is essential for the running of the association, TelBru believes that the presence of e-Speed connectivity permits the association a wider variety of online learning experience. As video conference is used daily by the Learning Ladders Society counsellors and students to communicate with experts in Canada, TelBru hopes to assist the students by realising the true notion of learning without boundaries.

`Similarly, we understand with broadband Internet the students can communicate with their teachers and educators overseas on coursework, do research on academic topics and other relevant course websites. In this instance, the provision of complimentary e-Speed broadband at Learning Ladders Society helps make use of IP tools educationally by facilitating video conferencing sessions for the students and teachers to communicate with its consultants all over the world," Ming Soon added.

Yesterdays activities included `fulfilling' a wish-list by students of the association on education items such as books, board games, toys and sports equipment. TelBru staff also painted the students' playroom with vibrant colours to help stimulate a fun and positive learning environment.

Group effort by staff of the two companies to clean the premises including grass-cutting and overall tidying of the premises was also organised. To beautify the premises, green-fingered staff also proceeded with flower-planting to bring more natural decorative to the students.

TelBru staff also helped the signpost the premises with a permanent awareness signboard for the public and also other proper road labelling of the areas. --  

Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Learning Ladders To Hold Autism Awareness Family Day On June 6

Kuala Belait - Learning Ladders Society Brunei Darussalam in collaboration with Katakljau Humanitarian Relief Support Group will be organising Autism Awareness Family Day this coming Sunday, June 6 at Taman Persiaran, Kuala Belait.

The event will begin at 7am till 5pm and is open to the public especially people residing in the Belait District. The main highlight of the event includes exhibition on Autism Awareness and Autism Intervensi Programme, conducted by Learning Ladders Society Centre in Bandar Seri Begawan.

The objective of the programme is to create awareness on autism to the community. Various family activities will also be held such as mass aerobic exercise, which will begin at 7.30am and members of the public are encouraged to join the event that aims to encourage and promote healthy lifestyle. The event will also see a bazaar sale - selling varieties of decoration products, clothing, used items as well as food and drinks. The bazaar stalls are open to local entrepreneurs and bumiputera businessmen particularly in the Belait District.
Those interested to participate in the bazaar sale can contact Dayang Hajah Rossita Ajak at 8238588. The closing date for registration is today, June 5 at 12 noon.

Meanwhile, there is also children colouring contest, which is divided into two categories. Category A for children aged between three to six years old and Category B for children aged between seven to 12 years old. The registration fee for the competition is $2 for each entry. Drawing blocks will be provided by the organisers and participants are requested to bring their own colouring pencils.

The competition will start at 9am until 11 am. Attractive prizes await winners at the event. The prizes presentation will be held at 3.30pm at the same venue. There are also family events such as fun fair, henna and face painting. Further information on the event, please contact Learning Ladders Society or call the hotline at 8238588. -- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

Monday, May 24, 2010



Children and young people with autism may have very specific and individual support needs. Decisions about the most appropriate type of provision will be based on the assessed needs of the children and their families.

A ‘good’ ABA provision, therefore, will be highly personalised and there will be planned emphasis on enabling children to generalise all learned skills into new situations and in providing parents (and all others working with the child) with the skills to respond to their child’s communication, social and behaviour needs across all environments.

Therefore, WHO can carry out an ABA Program?

ABA Therapist

ABA Therapists use the principles of applied behavior analysis in working with clients.
The role of an ABA Therapist in any ABA program is integral to the overall success of a child’s program. An ABA Therapists’ primary role is to teach PLAY, COMMUNICATION, SELF-HELP and ACADEMIC SKILLS to children with a Neurological Disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
 In broad terms, ABA Therapists use a reward system to teach and reinforce certain learned behaviors. The National Institute of Child and Human Development cites ABA therapy as a viable treatment for autism spectrum disorders,
ABA Therapists may also work with developmentally disabled children and adults or in workplace settings focusing on employee performance.
An ABA Therapist works as part of a team, alongside the child’s family and other therapists, and is supervised and trained by an ABA Program Consultant who will provide training and guidance.

Professional certification and Continuing Education
The Behavior Analyst Certification Board (www.bacb. com ) does offer three certification programs for ABA Therapists:

1)     Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA-D) ,
Able to supervise and train ABA therapist or design ABA Program
-          BCBA certification will be the basis for the Doctoral-level credential that will be designated as BCBA-D. Individuals who wish to become BCBA-Ds must first become certified as BCBAs and then meet any additional requirements

2)     Board Certified Behavior Analyst,
Able to supervise and train ABA therapist or design ABA Program
-          requires a master's degree behavior analysis or a related area
-          225 hours of graduate level coursework in specific behavior analytic content areas
-          18 months of mentored experience or 9 months of supervised experience in designing and implementing applied behavior analysis interventions;
-          and a passing score on a standardized examination

3)     Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst
Deliver ABA Program Intervention and assist in designing ABA Program under direct supervision by BCBA
-          requires a bachelor's degree
-          135 hours classroom instruction in behavior analysis
-          12 months mentored experience or
-          6 months of supervised experience in implementing applied behavior analysis interventions,
-          and a passing score on a standardized examination.
"An ABA Therapist, BCABAs, or individuals with equivalent or less training and experience, are not qualified to independently design, direct, and guide behavior analytic programming for individuals with autism.
They may deliver behavior analytic intervention, and may assist with program design, but should be adequately supervised by BCBAs or the equivalent."

Required Skills for a Career as an ABA Therapist

ABA Therapists should be patient and dedicated to working with their clients, especially in settings where they work with children.

ABA Therapists must have outstanding communication skills, solid reporting skills and impartial assessment skills

A commitment to continued education and training is needed to become a successful ABA Therapist.

Career as an ABA Counsellor/ Therapist @ Learning Ladders Learning Centre

The job roles of an ABA Counsellor/Therapist  @ LL Learning Centre:

  • To provide regular one-on-one therapy sessions which include teaching new skills and managing challenging behaviors.   
  • To observe and record the child’s progress.

  • To communicate with the Program Supervisor/Consultant, parent and other members of the team.

  • To participate in clinical or team meetings.
  • To maintain and revise the child’s program.
Who can apply?

Local fresh graduates with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Education or related fields.
What happens when I am accepted?
You will go into our 9-months Intensive ABA Training Program. This includes 150 hours of intensive classroom work and 640 hours of supervised ABA implementation work with the children.
Your designation will be ABA Counsellor
What happens after the 9-months ABA Training Program?
You will be required to continue working at the Centre until a completed period of 3 years.
Within this period you may choose to continue your education and obtain your professional certification starting from the BCaBA level. This coursework can be done via online and supervised by our current BCBA-D consultant.