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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

1st Society Meeting

On 6th January 2008, Learning Ladders held its first official meeting.

At this meeting, we welcomed 7 new Full members and 2 new Support members.

We even have new members from KB.

Welcome EVERYONE and Thank you for joining us.

On the agenda for this meeting was the ISADD Behavioural Psychologist visit.

Members were requested to book their time slots.
Apart from discussing the agenda of the meeting, this was also a wonderful opportunity for parents/guardians of SPECIAL kids to talk among themselves and share their tears and joys of trying to understand and raise SPECIAL kids. Our books and materials was also on display. Members are allowed to borrow these books.

Most of the new Full members have not had an official diagnosis of their children's condition, so hopefully Learning Ladders can help them find the answer by introducing them to the ISADD Behavioural Psychologist.

All the best to everyone!

By now most of the parents should have received their child's report from ISADD.
For anyone who have not received their report (via snail mail!), please call us to let us know.