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Thursday, May 1, 2008

April Birthday: "Happy 5th Birthday"

Raiyyan Iman Shamshuddin

Raiyyan received an official diagnosis of Autism at age 4yrs.
In August 2007, he did a Psychometric Assessment by an ISADD Behavioural Psychologist, to gauge his level of functioning. Recommendations were given to start ABA.
He had severe speech delay but above average in other areas ( a whiz at jigsaw puzzles and any other difficult construction puzzles).
One and a half months later(after starting ABA/Verbal Behaviour) he could point to his mom and said "Mummy!".
His progress had a few bumpy rides but all the same he is progressing in his speech. He can now communicate verbally and also use signing and PECS.
When he is happy, he will bubble over and his stims will appear ie, he loves to flick his fingers(as seen in the picture).
He is a lovable boy and loves to cuddle and laugh. He extremely loves playing outdoors. When asked what is his fav food he will answer "NOODLES!" hence his nick name 'noodle boy' (^^,)

This April, Raiyyan celebrated his birthday with his brothers at home. Unfortunately, his family could not celebrate it with friends because he was just recovering from 1 week of low grade fever.

Here are some pics on his birthday:

Raiyyan, still in pyjamas, opening presents with baby brother Harris.

With Big brother Danial and baby bro Harris, before Danial goes off to school.

Celebrating a combined birthday with Opah(his Grandma) at the kids terrorized the place!!!

Playing with his birthday present "Thomas the Train" (of course!) before going to bed.