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Sunday, June 1, 2008

June Birthday: Happy 5th Birthday Raiyan Omar

A very expressive boy: "The many cute expressions of Raiyan Omar"

"Happy 5th Birthday Raiyan Omar"
Name: Raiyan Omar bin Jefri
D.o.B: 2nd June 2003

Passion: LOVES Animals. He is LL Kids Animal Expert. He knows the name of various types of animals (some even us adults have never ever seen or heard of before) and from which continents/parts of the world they come from. He is a very good reader and very internet savvy (google-ing for animals!)
Diagnosis: ASD

Start of ABA Intervention Therapy: Early this year. He has made tremendous fact in huge leaps and bounds......WELL DONE! Raiyan Omar...Keep up the good work to his Mum & Dad!
For a well written journal on Raiyan O's progress through ABA, go to "A Personal Journey With Autism in Brunei".