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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June Birthday: Happy 8th Birthday Danial Ariff

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Name: Danial Ariff bin Shamshuddin
D.o.B: 7th June 2000

Passion: Transformers, Thunderbirds, Robots, Computers, more ROBOTS & Drawing more ROBOTs (each drawing is different ie has different functions....his blueprint for his robot design!)

Ambition: To become a scientist......Wants to create different robots to help his mummy so she will not become tired (currently builds them using Lego.....he would love to get Lego MINDSTORM but he says its too expensive for a boy his age!!!)

Diagnosis: ASD

Danial is LL's very own philosopher, thinker and analyst ( he stated that the long highway from Seria to BSB is not energy efficient for cars!). At age 3+ yrs he already grasped the concept of holograms. He knows all the planets in the solar system (in the right sequence!) and the different characteristics of each planet. At one stage he was learning and reading up on the human anatomy but pictures of a human without skin layer was too funny! Danial also does not like eating "dead animals" but loves pasta and cheese a lot!!

Intervention: Social skills group. His ISB Buddy (Shim) has helped tremendously in building his self esteem and confidence.