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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ramadhan Donation 2009 - BISTARI donates at a Tadarus Ceremony

Today, BISTARI held a Tadarus ceremony.
At the end of the ceremony, a cheque of B$ 3000 was handed over to Dr Sharina (President of LL) as part of BISTARI's Ramadhan contribution.

Dr Sharina then handed over the society's ANNUAL REPORT for 2007-2008.
Included in this report is the profile of New Committee Members for 2009, Events of the society for 2007-2008, Future Plans and Stages of Renovation work for the new Learning Centre scheduled for completion in Mid-September.

Last year BISTARI made a pledge to contribute annually to the society.
BISTARI is one of the society's major sponsor because of their generous and continuous support to the society.