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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Learning Ladders Centre

The Learning Ladders Learning Centre (LLC) for children and adolescent with Neurological Disorders such as Autism, ADD/ADHD and other learning disabilities was set up by the Learning Ladders Society with the help of Brunei Government and kind hearted individuals in November 2009.

The LLC utilises one-to-one individual Learning Programme delivered under the practice and science of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

Learning and Training Programme at the centre is run and managed by a team of international Consultants which includes Dr. Douglas Lee, Ph.D. ABPP, BCBA-D (Clinical Psychology) a qualified Behaviour Analyst from Canada and Amanda Reed, BAppSc (Speech Pathology), MA, a qualified Speech Pathologist from Australia.

At present the centre is staffed by 3 ABA counsellors whose role is to conduct the one-to-one ABA sessions , 2 admin officers and 1 housekeeping staff.