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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Local ABA Counsellors @ work

What does an ABA Counsellor do?
  • Working with kids with Neurological Disorders
  • To Conduct one-to-one teaching with the kids.
  • To provide verbal Behaviour Programs.
  • To provide cognitive and higher order learning programs. 
  • Conducting Parent Interviews prior to creating a program and many more

In the initial stages of a program 2 ABA Counsellors are assigned per child.
One Counsellor will take the lead and conduct the session while the other will observe and record the child's response.
A Parent Interview being conducted. This is a requirement prior to a program being created. Questions asked are often very specific to a particular child only. This is how an individualised program is created.
Ms Niza explaining to a parent how the session with their child was carried out and how their child responded during the session.
Open communication with parents is essential at the Centre.

Data recorded will be shown to Dr Douglas Lee and discussions will be done prior to a program being created.