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Monday, June 21, 2010

Maktab Duli REALITY Programme at Learning Ladders

A certificate presentation ceremony was held yesterday by the Learning Ladders Society to thank all the Maktab Duli A level students who have participated in the REALITY Attachment Programme at the centre for the past two weeks.

During their attachment period the students have learned something about autism and how an Applied Behaviour Analysis Counsellor works with Autistic children.  The students were also able to see first hand how the training via video-conference link  operates with Dr Douglas Lee from Canada.  The students have also assisted the staff in the preparation of special educational materials. 

Awang Halimen bin Takong, one of the six attachment students, said that this attachment period had helped him to understand Autism better.  He also observed that the job of an ABA Counsellor requires proper training as the Counsellor needs to know a lot of things in order to deliver the intervention well.

Lastly he also said that this REALITY Attachment Programme has helped him to appreciate how lucky he is and that he now feels more motivated to strive harder to achieve his full potential.

Dr Sharina binti Haji Yunus welcomed the REALITY attachment programme and said that it is a very positive initiative from Maktab Duli and the Government and hopes that there will be many more such programmes in the future.

The REALITY Attachement Programme is in line with the Ministry of Education’s aspirations set in SPN 21, which aims to meet the social and economic challenges of the 21st century by encouraging students to gain 21st century skills.