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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Telbru Uplifts Broadband Education At Learning Ladders Society (We are on Page 8 today!!)

Bandar Seri Begawan - Telbru has pledged its support to Learning Ladders Society's dedication in helping students with autism and other developmental disorders by providing financial aid and complimentary e-Speed broadband connectivity at the association's premise.

TelBru's 'Let's Give Back' initiative selected Learning Ladders Society as the charity association for the month of May. A total of 55 staff from TelBru visited Learning Ladders Society premise yesterday in their initiatives to lend a helping hand to the organisation's noble cause in educating parents, carers and the public about autism and other developmental and learning disabilities.

Learning Ladders Society, which was founded in 2007, primarily helps families with children on the autism spectrum to get in touch with qualified and experienced professionals in the field of childhood disorder. The association will provide professional assistance with the diagnosis and help create an individual education plan for the child. More importantly, parents will be given training by the association on how to implement the individual education plan.

The society believes this will help to empower parents in their effort to educate their own children. The event started with a donation presentation to the President of the association, Dr Sharina Hj Yunus by Hjh Ainee Hj Bungsu, General Manager of TelBru Information Technology Division. Besides monetary donation, TelBru announced that it would extend its effort to fully support the association's education initiatives by providing complimentary e-Speed broadband connectivity to the premise.

Lim Ming Soon, General Manager of Product Development, Marketing and Sales Division of TelBru said, "TelBru and its strategic partner of Let's Drive, GHK Motors Sdn Bhd are delighted to extend their hands to Learning Ladders Society, not just in terms of monetary but a sustainable effort to aid the students in their learning.

TelBru will do its best to help the association by reducing their financial burden and also raising awareness on Learning Ladders Society to the public in the perseverance of their cause. Throughout this year, TelBru will help promote the association at our business centres and during roadshows'.

While recognising monetary support is essential for the running of the association, TelBru believes that the presence of e-Speed connectivity permits the association a wider variety of online learning experience. As video conference is used daily by the Learning Ladders Society counsellors and students to communicate with experts in Canada, TelBru hopes to assist the students by realising the true notion of learning without boundaries.

`Similarly, we understand with broadband Internet the students can communicate with their teachers and educators overseas on coursework, do research on academic topics and other relevant course websites. In this instance, the provision of complimentary e-Speed broadband at Learning Ladders Society helps make use of IP tools educationally by facilitating video conferencing sessions for the students and teachers to communicate with its consultants all over the world," Ming Soon added.

Yesterdays activities included `fulfilling' a wish-list by students of the association on education items such as books, board games, toys and sports equipment. TelBru staff also painted the students' playroom with vibrant colours to help stimulate a fun and positive learning environment.

Group effort by staff of the two companies to clean the premises including grass-cutting and overall tidying of the premises was also organised. To beautify the premises, green-fingered staff also proceeded with flower-planting to bring more natural decorative to the students.

TelBru staff also helped the signpost the premises with a permanent awareness signboard for the public and also other proper road labelling of the areas. --  

Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin